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Springtime in Alaska

Springtime in Alaska is a bitter sweet time of year. After a long cold winter everyone and everything slowly come alive as the days start to get noticeably longer and snow starts to recede. Alaskans call this time of year "Breakup" as the snow recedes the mud and slush cause the cars and trucks to stay filthy dirty and just trying to keep the headlights and windshield clear to drive is nearly impossible. Also as the snow subsides it reveals the ugly mess of trash that has been buried over the last several months and the gravel that has been spread for traction all winter now becomes flying debris  that will chip and crack the majority of windshields. But this is also a time of healing of breaking free from the icy cold and slick roads and sidewalks where it is dangerous to drive but sometimes more dangerous to walk. Daylight slowly creeps beyond a few hours to what most people would consider to be a normal day. The added sunlight brings with it new found energy to start the cleanup process and warming temperatures. It is funny even to those who live here that 40 degrees is suddenly considered warm.  Then it seems that suddenly there are small buds on the trees and within a couple of weeks there is an explosion of color as all the trees and bushes burst into every shade of green. Most of the time by Memorial Day temperatures are running into the upper 60s to low 70s and while not officially summer for Alaskans Summer has Arrived!!!